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General Terms & Conditions applicable for reservations, using the online-reservation-portal of DRS Direct. Reservation Service GmbH

1. Scope of application
These General Terms & Conditions apply for reservations made through the web site by using the free of charge reservation system of DHS hotel portal of DRS Direct. Reservation Service GmbH (hereinafter called DRS).

2. Contractual relationship
DRS operates solely as an intermediary for the procurement of hotel rooms. All reservations are transmitted to the relevant hotel by DRS acting as a broker. Contracts for the relevant services are concluded directly between users and the selected hotel. In particular settlement has to be made directly between users and the chosen hotel. The accommodation contract does not include any right to claim against DRS.

3. Scope of services
a) accommodation contracts are made with immediate effect through the mouse click between user and chosen hotel as soon as the booking code is visible on the screen. DRS confirms the booking on behalf of the chosen hotel to the specified e-mail address of the user. The confirmation is no precondition for the validity of the reservation, as DRS cannot guarantee the faultless access to your nominated e-mail address. The booking code serves for your identification and therefore has to be stored necessarily. In case of a cancellation, this booking code is urgently required.
b)online bookings are limited up to three rooms. If more than three rooms are required, these may not be split into several bookings of up to three rooms each.
For reservations of more than three rooms our staff will be at your disposal under phone-number +49(21 37) 10 09-0.
c) rooms booked through DRS may not be resold or passed on to third parties. DRS reserves the right to ban users who act in breach of its regulations and block their access.

4. Types of reservation
a) Standard reservations are generally held up by the hotel until 6pm local time. If the guest fails to arrive until 6pm, the hotel will cancel the reservation free of charge. After this there is no right to claim accommodation.
In case the arrival will be after 6pm, the guest has to notify the hotel directly about the expected time of arrival and ask for a re-confirmation from the booked hotel. In this case, the hotel may agree to maintain the reservation against providing user's credit card number as guarantee for the arrival.
b) Guaranteed reservations, where DRS has to pass on the credit card number, are maintained from the hotel for the entire period of the booking. The hotel is authorized to charge either accommodation- or no-show-costs in case cancellations have not been made in due time or in case of non-arrival of the customer according to the general terms and conditions of the individual hotel.

5. Cancellations
Cancellations should always be made online through DHS hotel channel and DRS hotel reservation system.
The timeliness of changes and cancellations is determined primarily at the point of time where DRS and the selected hotel have been notified.
In case cancellation has been made directly in the hotel, DRS cannot provide any information about possible discrepancies regarding the specific date or the facts of cancellation.
When bookings are cancelled, a cancellation number is issued. This number provides evidence of the cancellation and therefore has to be stored carefully.

6. Hotel categories and hotel information
The international accepted system of star ratings for hotels, provides a non-binding information about the standard of each hotel, based on their self-assessments.
All additional hotel information or descriptions are also based on their own statements. DRS will not assume liability for correctness and up-to-dateness of these specifications.


7. Contractually agreed room prices/taxes
a) all prices are quoted per room and night and depending on hotel's specification either including or excluding breakfast. Same applies for weekend-rates or other price indications. Prices in hotels in Germany include a service charge and the legally-applicable rate of value-added (sales) tax.
b) please note: changings regarding the period of the booking and/or quantity of rooms create possible changes of room rates.
c) moreover please note: some special locations will charge a visitor's taxe
d) if several rates are available for the requested length of stay, the hotel list shows the average price per single or double room, which is shown in detail by the individual hotel in its binding offer.
e) rates to be cultivated through DRS-partner hotels in an independent manner. Partner hotels guarantee last-minute-, advertisement-, seasonal-, weekend- and other special offers to be booked through DHS hotel channel.


8. Liability
DRS assumes no liability for the succes of brokerage or accommodation. DRS will take care, the brokerage to be carried our following the regulations of a honourable merchant.
Warranty for correctness, completeness and reliability for external contents, especially particulars of the individual hotels cannot be accepted.
Data administration are entirely subject to the hotels, joining the hotel reservation channel. Upon conclusion of the reservation contract, the general terms & conditions and further possible regulations of the selected hotel will apply.
Responsibility cannot be accepted for correctness, completeness and reliability of hotel's data, as maintenance and updating is subject to the respective hotel.
In case of force majeure (especially riot, war, natural disaster....) the contractpartners are released from their obligations.

9. Modification of General Terms & Conditions
DRS reserves the right to change or renew at any time General Terms & Conditions for its web-site with immediate effect and without further notification to the user. The web-site presents the updated version of the General Terms & Conditions. Using the web-site after alterations of the General Terms & Conditions testify automatically the acceptance of the user.

10. Data protection
Data entered by the user are processed electronically through DRS. Exclusive data required for a booking will be forwarded. Data transmission for any other purpose will not be carried out. Moreover, collection of data are processed in accordance with the legal data protection regulations.

11. Miscellaneous
All particulars are compiled with utmost accurateness. DRS assume no liability for any possible errors in data entry or data transfer. Data may only be copied onto other data medium - even in extracts - or used for purposes other than those intended here, with explicit authorization of DRS Direct. Reservation Service GmbH, Neuss.
All contractual relations are bound to German national law. The place of performance is Neuss. The court of jurisdiction will be that in Neuss for businessmen or those who do not have a German court of jurisdiction. In all other cases, the legally-stipulated court of jurisdiction will apply.


12. Others
In case of any queries the German version of our General Terms & Conditions will be applicable.

Status: June 1st, 2006


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